"Quanta System"

The site of the company

The company "Quanta System" for 15 years in the market of services of the city of Kharkov and for this time has taken a key place in its field of activity and has established itself as a reliable partner.

  • Design
  • Development

"Quanta System"

The site of the company
The site of the company
What we did:
Design, development
Implementation period:
1 month
front-end developer, back-end developer, designer


Bright site

We needed to create a bright and functional website for the company “Quanta System”, which specializes in repair of office equipment and maintenance of corporate clients. The main goal of the resource is to explain to companies and consumers what is the process of servicing their equipment and give advice on caring.

1. Compilation of technical specifications

2. Assertion

3. Development

A professional manager of his/her own business, tells all the intricacies of creating a website in a simple language that is understandable not only to specialists but also to businesses. As a result, I got answers to all my questions and started working with the company.
Anton Vitalevich Quanta-System


brightness in all

Initially, the project did not have a technical task in its classical sense. From the client we received logos, two pictures and complete freedom of action, so the work began with a detailed study of the work process in their company.



The development of the page began with the compilation of animations and effects. Since it was necessary to demonstrate all the colorfulness of the palettes that were used when filling cartridges for office equipment.

candid shot testing with users

To understand in which direction to develop the design, we had to postpone the iMac and plunge into the workflow of the customer.

AppLock UI design screens

Design Summary

The three main colors

As a result, each element of the page dipped the user in the bright colors and workflow of the wizard. The animation engine is implemented in JavaScript.

AppLock UI design screens

Also, each visitor to the site was given the opportunity to learn how to refill the cartridge of his home printer without leaving home without professional skills. In this he was helped by the animations that they observed on the main page of the site.

AppLock UI design screens

For each device to display the site correctly, we used adaptive web design technology – so we combined a large number of entry points from a variety of devices, because the adaptive site content, images and functionality are adjusted to the type of device, its capabilities and screen resolution.

AppLock UI design screens


Special care

Special attention was paid to banners. To the main page, we brought out the slider of the company’s most relevant proposals. Right, under the slider we arranged icons for quick access to information about the terms of execution and assistance from leading experts in this field.

AppLock UI design screens


task completed

The non-standard approach to the design of the site helped Quanta-System company to involve the user in the study of their products and advantageously stand out among the competitors due to a new positive image. A simple and understandable graphic material made the process of getting to know the fast and convenient.

AppLock UI design screens