Network of pharmacies

Creation of an online store of pharmacy network "Slavutich". Launch of the first sales on the Internet. Join 16 databases. Filling more than 11 000 products.

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online store
online store
What we did:
Design, web development, photo
Implementation period:
1 month
front-end developer, back-end developer, designer

Network of pharmacies “Slavutich”

Online Pharmacy

The pharmacy chain takes its history from the distant 1995. One of the oldest and at the same time modern pharmacy chains in Ukraine.


online store

During the tough competition in this market, the customer set before us the goal of creating for him an intuitively simple and understandable tool with which he could keep pace with the times and reach the Internet audience of pharmacy. It was important to find and show the features of this network of pharmacies against the backdrop of the leading players in this market.

Carrot Sense wearable device

Problem Solving:

a solution for a wide audience

The new adaptive website of the online pharmacy allows you to display correctly any information, regardless of the gadget, whether it’s screens of smartphones, tablets or large monitors. This is what allows customers to access important information at any time.

Carrot Sense style guide

In order to develop a new website of an online pharmacy, we found out what difficulties the clients of the network faced. We analyzed the queries on the site and found out which of them users did not receive answers. Our experts have checked which content is most in demand and in which cities users are waiting for the opening of network stores. The results of the research formed the basis of the future design of the site.

The home page, which contains the most important information for users, is a presentation of a network of pharmacies. Each screen, like a slide, is dedicated to an important advantage of the company. Thanks to the bright concise design, current promotions and special offers will not be left without attention.

Carrot Sense desktop design
Carrot Sense ux ui design
Carrot Sense ux ui design

The interactive map helps to quickly find the nearest pharmacies of the “Slavutich” network. For the convenience of navigation, we have developed filters for all types of products. Now, if the buyer wants to find the nearest pharmacy, where at the same time there are children’s products and goods from the list of free ones available, it is enough to select the necessary checkboxes and familiarize themselves with the list of pharmacies.


always right

Here, every visitor to the site sees the entire list of pharmacies in which this product is presented, and can choose the one that is located in the immediate vicinity of it, or the one in which the product is present at the lowest price.

Carrot Sense ui design

About Us page

informative content

The latest news, key company indicators, interactive brand history, awards, photo reports, promotions and presentations are all on the pages of the “About Us” section.

Carrot Sense ux ui design



All the relevant information is added to the site through the admin panel: we simplified this process as much as possible by improving the standard features of 1C. Dynamic blocks on the main page, catalogs, instructions: any information on the site is updated in just a few clicks. This is done using an intuitive interface, so the company does not need to keep the staff of programmers.

Carrot Sense avatar illustration design

“To be in demand and competitive player on the big market, it is important to keep track of new trends, to develop a competent marketing policy not only offline, but also online. Our specialists from ArtMarks successfully coped with the task of effective positioning on the Internet”